A new year has begun, another milestone is created.

2014 saw the creation of the new, definitive instruction set format, as well as the start of new websites ( http://ygwm.org and http://httap.org ) and the early design of the miniYASEP. It is also possible to Flash the contents of a SPI memory on the WizYasep (Ethernet+FPGA) boards !

On the hardware side, several WizYasep boards are now deployed in Belgium. They are undergoing a harsh fire&ice treatment... More pictures can be seen on the public YGDES facebook page.

2015 will see that work continue on many fronts. The code base is currently pretty fragmented and unstable, the development version is barely usable and the previous version is not useful. To prevent this, all the files must become more independent, more modular, so work on one part does not break any other. For example, the main web site should be split into layers of increasing specificity ("base", "add-ons", "specific" modules...). Other CPU architectures should be easily supported in the near future !

At the same time, the website should move to a different server, which is an increasingly complex task. Modularity should help, for example by storing the base files on the ygwm server (some files are already in a different directory).

That's a lot of un-sexy work but the result should be worth the efforts !