The YASEP's website is slowly integrating a tracking system : it will keep a list of open tasks, bugs, features and other stuffs to do. This is a much clearer replacement for the file that is growing out of hand...

The web interface at!track is only embryonic and will take time (months...) to develop. It's a front-end to a publicly accessible bugtracker located at

A "cached" version of the list of opened bugs and tasks will be provided in each version, and it will get updated when opening the window, if the browser can access Internet.

So far, it's a "read only" system : I will keep the control of the bug tracker's contents, because the messages need special formatting to add extra metadata that are useful to me : for example, the estimated effort to complete a task (hours, day, week...). I also want to prevent injection of arbitrary data into the project. If you find any bug, don't hesitate to contact me directly.