JMLL2012 was great !

  •  The conference had no "demo effect" !
  •  MP3 + transcription with the slides will be available (one day...)
  •  microYASEP is coded both in 16-bits and 32-bits
  •  microYASEP simulates in JavaScript and VHDL
  •  the framebuffer (graphic output) works in JavaScript and VHDL too (but VHDL only on 32-bits linux)
  •  the JavaScript simulator runs (almost well) under the webkit-based Midori browser, hence on the Raspberry Pi !
  •  The project turned 10 !

A lot needs to be done :
  •  solve one GUI bug
  •  add new tutorials and translate the others
  •  transcribe and translate the conference
  •  translate all the website to Spanish
  •  adapt it for webkit
  •  finish the last 2 instruction set manual pages
  •  more (virtual and real) interfaces for the CPU : servo-motor, alphanumeric LCD, LEDs&Keys...
  •  create the enhanced serial interface for programming & debug
  •  prepare the Berlin presentation and demos
  •  transition to YASEP2013 
Any help is welcome !