After a long wait and even longer prototyping phase, I finally decided that there was no point in going further with 2 more and more unrelated websites. The site, on one side, was the "official" yet completely out of touch and outdated reference. For a year now, development was progressing on another place in my personal account.

This separation was doing more harm than good but I didn't want to put an unfinished work at the forefront. I wanted to translate ALL the pages in the new format and in french. But lately, the prototype has been "good enough" and is fresh, quite accurate and useful.
The "old" site is still available at if you want to compare and enjoy the leap.

We're already in mid-2012 and the current version is still labeled 2011, I'll simply jump to YASEP2013 in early 2013 :-) A lot of work is needed before I reach this new milestone...