Today I think that one big issue with the YASEP project has been solved.

I met Pierre this week, and I start to discover the awesomeness of his Defora project. "Debian For All" turned into creating a whole new, compact, totally GPLv3 system. With almost no dependency from existing systems, yet compatible with them... Perfect for embedded computing too !

We just started to work on a C version of the existing JS assembler and we consider writing a C99-compliant compiler.

YES, you have read it : the YASEP will have binaries generated from C code ! And good code, at that, since it does not go through GCC !

Many roadblocks are now removed. When the code generation tools are in place, we can then simulate/emulate the core and start to write a microkernel...

What this means for me is that I can finally stop worrying about the operating system and application layer. The YASEP will not use Linux and I won't be forced to use the huge GCC armada. I will also have more time to focus on the hardware architecture and implementation. And Pierre is a security specialist...

Oh, by the way : YGWM won the 2nd rank (ex aequo with Pierre's Defora) at the Open World Forum Code Contest this week. A new, shiny, professional laptop was given away by HP and will become my main workstation. Going from an Atom to a Core i5 makes me feel spoiled :-)