I have not been fully satisfied by all the boards that I have seen. There are always details that don't match a project or requirements that are not met (size, price, features, whatever). So I finally decided to start my own board(s).

Firt route of a TSOP-2 SRAM to a A3P125 FPGA in VQ100

It seems that YASEP could easily replace microcontrollers that I already use. The flexibility offered by FPGAs and the ability to strip a thing down to the minimum, then expand on that depending on the needs, makes this solution more and more attractive. No difficult selection of features and package (as with fixed-function chips), put the FPGA on the board and route the pins...

I can't solder BGA package, or even build suitable PCBs myself, but I'm already able to make double-sided PCBs that can be fitted with a FPGA in 100, 144 or 208 pin in QFP package. I'll be able to reuse these designs in the future, or make my own cheap modules.