So I've been busy.

I've spent most of the summer developping YASEP and now I'm almost broke, so I'm hunting more "mundane" activities (of the kind that will maybe help feed my geekette and myself).

Fortunately, before I blew up my savings, I was able to buy toys that will be useful "in the future", like those über-sexy 4Mx36bit synchronous static SRAMs that clock at 225MHz (unfortunately, available only in BGA, but I've grown up recently)...

But seriously, I'm stuck :-(

I would LOVE to spend all my time developping YASEP, because... well it's so easy now, and everything is coming together at last ! I would just think about it, hack a bit more and get new results... Furthermore, I receive some very positive feedbacks now, particularly from ACME systems. Their new FPGA board (called COLIBRI and equiped with a A3P1000) is almost ideal for a 32-bit YASEP ! I can even swap the 12ns SRAM with 8ns versions and get a boost from 66MHz to 100MHz...

As a side note, I have just found how to integrate the UMIN/UMAX instructions in the FPGA implementation, without bloating the pipeline.

So I'm OK but it could be much better, in a less material and pragmatic world :-/

PS : Not everything is bleak : after last year's breathtaking series of concerts, I jumped in Satine's new project Satine ünder philharmonëën' wich involves 40 classic musicians. I'll add LED lights all over the stage !

Look at the singer in this video : Mia wears a blinking LED earring that I designed especially for her last year. If you're interested by a custom version, don't hesitate to ask me !

I know, it's not related directly to CPU design, but the new jewel I'm preparing will have 8 cores...