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Monday 19 November 2012

YASim is working

Another quick announcement : YASim, the YASep Simulator, is now able to compute data, loop&call, and even display pixels on the screen.

It had to be said ;-) Particularly since the presentation is so soon...

Sunday 29 April 2012

More JavaScript gadgets

There, I've done it !

Now you can click on example source code in the documentation windows. It creates a new editor window with this listing. No copy-paste needed and you can test and modify the examples ! And soon you'll be able to move blocks of code to/from different editor windows...

I am also adding the "Examples" menu, wich imports external .yas source files. More and more examples will be added in the future :-)

Monday 13 February 2012

Interactive Assembler, take 2

The YASEP is progressing toward the 2012 revision, with great features and hopefully a first micro-YASEP soon. This burst of productivity has no secret : I just NEED a YASEP as soon as possible for another project. At this moment, I'm working on the assembly environment, a quick development that reuses some code from listed (the LISTing Editor created and stopped in 2009).

So far it can already import and assemble source code from a textarea, not bad for a whole day of coding... I've also been surprised by what I could do in one day for the VHDL code ! This new interface is also able to edit the imported data and export the assembled listing, but I want it to move lines from one editor window to another, and much more... I'll even reuse the recycle bin, just like I did for listed ! But I changed the name to YASMed. Don't ask me why...

Hopefully, a new release should be online on the "prototype area" in a few weeks.

Wednesday 18 February 2009

Listed : the dynamic LISTing EDitor

So I've been busy again...

This time, it's all about JavaScript. The preliminary version is available from http://yasep.org/~whygee/listed/listed.html

What is it really ? It's an interactive assembler in dynamic HTML, loaded with JavaScript and CSS stuff. It's also an interface to the JavaScript assembler and the simulator.

  • The little windowing system allows one to break a whole program into small chunks, that are easier to manage. Assembly langage listings can easily get messy, but local symbols and hideable sections reduce the usual clutter on one's window/screen.
  • As the user edits each line, the modifications are committed to the rest of the page : the instructions are re-assembled, the labels are updated where they are used, the simulator can reinterpret the sequence and give preliminary results for given testcases...
  • The assembler is not limited to YASEP : the CPU interface is going to be generic, and LISTED could support any CPU that can be described in JavaScript (that means : all, provided enough adaptations are coded). A dummy, overly simple and dumb CPU architecture will be given as an example, so somebody can easily adapt it for x86, PIC, Alpha, MIPS, POWER, or RCA1802 ...
  • This is going to be linked directly with ARF, which is another graphic coding interface.

I have been working on this for more than 3 weeks and a lot of work still remains. I focus on user comfort and UI design but I keep flexibility and expandability in mind. For example, I have developped YGWM to handle the windowing part, which will be reused by the whole yasep.org website. The assembler and simulator will remain completely decoupled.

In the end, it only confirms what I believed for some time : JavaScript is a fantastic opportunity for really new ideas, it provides portability and rapid design. However, after trying to make it compatible with different browsers, my strong recommendation is : use Firefox and stick to it